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Educational projects

Projects planned by the EDUCAR network:
In order to carry out its objectives, the EDUCAR network offers the following projects:

  • Ongoing teacher training project
    - The EDUCAR network will offer training materials for the teaching staff in coordination with the institute of Augustinianology of the Order and the Team to revitalize the Order.
    - Likewise, the EDUCAR network will promote the holding of local, national and international training meetings between teachers.
  • Student exchange project
    - The EDUCAR network will offer exchange initiatives among students from different countries where schools of the Augustinian Recollect family are present.
    - The objectives of these exchanges may be academic, sports or pastoral.
  • Teacher exchange project
    - The EDUCAR network will offer exchange initiatives between teachers from the same country and from different countries in order to share pedagogical experiences.
  • EDUCAR partners and sponsors project together
    - Its objective is the economic collaboration with educational works of the Augustinian Recollect family.
    - It consists of twinning between two schools with the objective of knowing another educational experience of the OAR family, collaborating with the economic support of their personal and material needs.
  • National and international prizes and contests for students and professors with scientific, cultural, sports and pastoral character.